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You Can Learn to Meditate! - 5 Meditation Misconceptions

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

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  1. I can't sit down and think about nothing! Meditation is often perceived as an activity where you sit in silence and try NOT to think! This misconception is what deters people from creating a meditation practice. Meditation is the action of slowing down your body and mind, and acknowledging that you indeed are thinking, but allowing your thoughts to pass as opposed to getting stuck in your mind.

  2. I can't learn to meditate because . . . Everyone can learn to meditate! It is a matter of finding the form of meditation that works best for you. There are SO many ways you can meditate, but often society puts images in our heads of silent places in nature with no one around. This is not true!

  3. Meditating takes too long and I'm too busy! We often hear about extreme stories of meditation in the news and media about people who meditate for hours or even days! This deters us from even getting started. When the truth is, you can meditate for any duration of time, from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and you are meditating! That is why they call it a meditation practice, overtime you build up your practice so you can meditate longer!

  4. Meditation is a new trend for millennials and generation z. Meditation has been around us for hundreds and thousands of years. Similar to yoga, it only has just begun to gain traction in Western society! This practice is not new, in fact it is ancient.

  5. I tried it once and I couldn't stop thinking so I never tried it again. Meditation allows us to be observers of our own thoughts. Often, people feel that "they are doing it wrong" when their first meditation seems like a never ending thought stream. But this is a pivotal point in your new practice because you are observing what you are thinking about, and are starting to put yourself in control of your thoughts, and choosing to not allow your thoughts to control you!

If you have ever fallen into this common misconceptions you are not alone! And now that you know more, I would love to help coach you to building your meditation practice, or even guide you through a meditation with family and friends!

You can book a coaching session here: OR you can text/call me to book a group meditation: 516-270-8675

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