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You CAN Afford a Weekly Massage

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

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  1. I didn’t know how massage could change my own perspective on my body. I used to think massage was something that you did occasionally. When my doctor suggested doing a weekly massage for my fibromyalgia, my first thought was . . . I can’t afford that, and who gets a massage every week?!

  2. When it comes to your health and wellness, you CAN afford it. Even if you think or say you can’t. It is all about how you prioritize it. So I prioritized it, and for a full year I got a massage every week.

  3. What changed for me: my pain was significantly reduced, I had more energy, I had more positive feelings and thoughts about my body, and massage allowed me to believe that my body is strong and can perform for me when I need it to. I never used to think that.

  4. The more you teach your body how to release energy and tension. The more it wants to do it for you.

  5. Massage truly can be your catalyst for change. All it takes is to connect and find a massage therapist that makes you feel comfortable, massages you exactly how you need, and will support your wellness journey. Today, I receive my massages in the comfort of my own home from Krista Little, owner of citiZEN Mobile Massage.

Let Krista be your first step to body wellness and positivity: Instagram: citizenmobilemassage


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