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Welcome to The Watered Down Blog!

I've realized that my brain comes alive when the sun goes down. Does anyone else feel like this? It's like all of a sudden everything settles into place and my creativity knocks on my door, and says "hellooooo, I'm still here." So surprise surprise, my idea for creating this watered down version of a blog came to me at night.

Here is the gist of it. We all want watered down versions of everything now. Social media has enhanced our need for instant gratification yet thought provoking content. That is what I want to give to you guys .... my clients and readers; content in short bursts that will inspire, ignite, and invite you to change your perspective on your own life.

This is the longest post you will read from me. Each post will contain five insights, inspirations, thoughts, perspective shifts, in honor of the 5 different types of bodies of water: oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and canals.

I hope I inspire you to continue to evolve and change your life. See yourself, your community, and your environment differently. And to continue to read my blog posts to water your soul.

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