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Stick Out Your Tongue! -Energy Shift Tips

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Oceans - Seas - Rivers - Lakes - Canals

  1. Yell something weird Start making random noises. . . . I know it sounds a bit odd, but just letting yourself yell a bunch of weirdness has worked for me (aywo, ow ow, ooopp! ) Sometimes I need to yell, but have nothing to yell about! (which is amazing but it still needs to go somewhere!) Yelling helps me release energy that has been stuck that needed a BIG release.

  2. Do Some Free Dance There is energy that gets stuck deeper within our bodies. I have found that putting on a song that just lets you feel free and dance for 2-3 minutes straight really helps! It makes you laugh, smile, and move your body all at the same time! This is not your typical "dance at a party" this is listening to what movements your body wants you to do and then . . . do them, without judging yourself!

  3. "Knocking on Heavens Door" -YogawithAdrienne Credit to YogawithAdrienne on Youtube! I LOVE her YouTube channel I have been following her for years. This is a form of movement that she calls "knocking on heavens door", it is a fast and slow arm movement that gets your nervous system going by swinging your arms in rag-doll style from side to side. It friggen works as an energy shifter!

  4. Stick out Your Tongue I hold a TON of energy in my face. I used to have so much of it that it manifested in my body as jaw pain. I never knew that the pain I was experiencing could be energetic until I started working with my life coach. As soon as I started Reiki sessions and energy work . . . it went away. If you get jaw or face muscle pain sticking out your tongue and making some odd noises helps a lot.

  5. Do Nothing Sometimes doing nothing is as powerful as doing something. What I have done over the past year is roll out my futon mattress, put some music on and just lay on the mattress. This is rejuvenating, makes you feel connected, and can shift your energetic state.

If you moseyed your way over to this blog post from my Instagram Live with presentbynature, firstly thank you for listening, and for reading!

Secondly, if you want a chance to win a FREE COACHING session with me, leave a comment below and tell me what tip you are interested in trying or, what other ways you shift your energy!

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