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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Reclaim your Truth and Transform your Fears

Oceans - Seas - Rivers - Lakes - Canals

  1. What would you do if your fears didn't exist? A powerful question that was included in a journal I bought recently.

  2. Is your fear protecting your safety, belonging, or need to be loved? As humans we all want one of these 3 things, usually one is stronger than the other, and our need for it may be disguised as a fear.

  3. What fears have you told yourself from a young age that need to be re-examined? From childhood, we start creating a story for ourselves about what we can and cannot do, and then these fears remain programmed into our consciousness.

  4. How can you learn to accept a truth about yourself to transform an outdated fear? As we evolve throughout our lives, our fears should evolve with us. Don't get stuck with a fear that doesn't fit anymore. Reclaim your truth to transform your fear.

  5. What commitment do you want to make to yourself today about overcoming your fears? Sometimes the best accountability partner we can have is ourselves.

If you found your way here from my Instagram Live with lunchroomlitigation thanks for listening! Take 5 minutes of your day to ask yourself the above questions and see what truths you can discover about your fears.

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