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Kicking the Shit out of Fear . . . kinda

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Oceans - Seas - Rivers - Lakes - Canals

  1. The only way to move past your fears is to do the work to recognize what those fears are, where they come from, and call yourself out on them.

  2. Most of my fears are not real. I have never experienced them before, it is the fear OF the fear . . does that make sense? I swear when I had this epiphany. I was like WOW, my mind was keeping me in my same box just because it could. Did you ever realize this about yourself?! Let me know in a comment . . .

  3. I am afraid of all bodies of water. Ironic that this is the analogy of my coaching practice. But hey, dive in deep and kick the shit out of it so it slowly disappears. But guess what, I figured out it's not a fear of the deep blue waters, it is the fear of the unknown . . . the unknown is a pretty scary place.

  4. Guess what. As much as I identified my fears and realized that half of them are bullshit. I still have not overcome them yet. It is hard work, and doing the work makes me happy. So I will keep doing until I move through, move beyond the fears. One day!

  5. I am planning on moving past one fear of mine, getting a tattoo. I am not afraid of needles, you can take my blood all day. I actually had blood shoot out of my vein once and I was perfectly fine. So what is the fear? The fear is that my body will someone reject or combust or won't be able to do it.

Find out if I got a tattoo in my upcoming posts. . . I am curious myself if I will get beyond the fear.

The Watered Soul

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