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It's my Body I can Cry if I Need To

Oceans - Seas - Rivers - Lakes - Canals

  1. Crying is an energetic release. It allows your body to release build up energy, emotions stuck in the body, and everything in between. When you wipe the tears away, you should feel more relaxed, and feel the energetic shift.

  2. Sometimes when we are so happy with our lives, and we have created the life we want, we don't cry anymore. Have you ever started crying over seemingly nothing and then said out loud "I don't even know why I'm crying." It's because something around you triggered the energetic release you needed.

  3. We automatically associate crying to a sad experience. This is how we are culturally programmed from childhood. It is rarely discussed that crying can be a joyous and a celebrated experience. Next time you cry for "no reason" think about that.

  4. I always start laughing after I cry from a trigger that erupted an energetic release. And when it is all said and done, I feel lightyears better, lighter, and more free. I know when I experience this its time to call my Reiki practitioner and coach and book a session.

  5. If you feel random urges to cry, let it in! Let the joy, the happiness, or whatever you are feeling allow you to release. It's your body and you can cry if you want to, and not only that, we need to!

You can book a Reiki session with me by navigating to the link on this website, so you can start to learn how to release, how to cry, and just let your body release what it needs to, without judging yourself.

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