If the Water is HOT it's for me! - 5 Tension Release Tips

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  1. Body Scans, Body Scans, Body Scans! When I discovered body scan meditations I was like this is fucking incredible! It allows you to focus on each part of your body and release the tension from it with deep breathing techniques and visualizations. The best part is once you practice it with a guided meditation you can easily do it yourself whenever you need to relax and let go.

  2. Fish Pose, Thread the Needle, Heart Chakra Release All you need is to find a yoga pose that you feel a DEEP release. You don't have to do an entire yoga class, just get a Yoga Deck of Cards and try out some poses. Trust me, you will feel it when it works. Fish pose helps me release tension in my face, jaw, and neck. Thread the Needle (is what I call it) helps me release tension in my shoulders. Heart Chakra Release allows me to release tension in my chest and ribcage (I hold tension in my ribcage!).

  3. If the Water is Hot it's for me! My body thrives in hot water. I feel the water put me back together and then melt away unwanted energy and tension. My favorite things to do is to put on an heat pad, do an infrared sauna session, relax in a hot tub, or take a hot bath. You can get an infrared sauna session at any Phountain on Long Island!

  4. Tools & More Tools I always love finding a new tool that helps me physically roll out tension or stress in my body. I love my RAD rollers, my foam roller, and my scalp massager.

  5. Reiki Session I was introduced to Reiki 7 years ago and after my first session I fell madly in love. So in love, that I am now certified to share this gift with others! Whenever I feel like I need a bigger release, I book a session with my Reiki practitioner (shout out to Emily!). If you are interested in Reiki you can book a session with me here:

Leave a comment and let me know what tip you liked or how you release tension in your body!

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