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How to Trust in the Timing of Your Life

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  1. Identify Self Comparison Social Media has been a partner in crime to comparing ourselves to others, judging ourselves, and increasing feelings of the need to compete with friends, friends of friends, and family members. At times of comparison while scrolling through your various feeds, write down what specific areas of your life you are comparing, then put down the phone and start journaling. Identify when you are comparing your life to others, so you can start to examine yourself and your thoughts more closely.

  2. Find Presence We often wish and long for things to happen in a specific timeframe, I want to be married by "x" age, I want to get a promotion in my career by "x" year. Unknowingly, these thoughts are suppressing the joy, the fun, and the presence of enjoying your life. Sometimes we create these weird rules for ourselves and forget to be present in the moment. Find hobbies or activities that you can incorporate into your routine that allow you to be fully present, and allow yourself to break the rules!

  3. Ask Yourself: "Am I truly ready to receive my desires? We sometimes focus so much on our plan, that we never leave room for self reflection, self evolution, and self discovery. When was the last time you truly checked in on yourself? If you received all your desires today, would you be truly ready to receive them? Acknowledge that the time will come when you are truly ready to receive, accept, and embrace your desires, without forcing or controlling them into existence.

  4. Affirmations In times when you start doubting if you will achieve your goals, dreams, and desires, write a few words of empowerment down that let you know that when the timing is right, everything you want will be waiting for you on the other side, and will naturally flow into your life. What if something better than you ever imagined will come along for you when the time is right?

  5. Find Your Coach! Working with a spiritual mentor and coach was life-changing for me, and it will be for you too. Coaching allows you to have someone in your corner that supports you, uplifts you, gives you new perspectives, and allows you to ground into the most powerful version of yourself. This will help you trust that you are headed in the right direction, and that the timing of your life is exactly as it needs to be.

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