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How to Cherish Feeling Good in Your Body

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  1. The relationship between Fibromyalgia & Energy Fibromyalgia is defined as constant pain throughout your body emanating from trigger points, for no apparent reason. From my experience, I believe that the intake of excessive energy contributes to the pain of fibromyalgia, having lived with it for the last 7 years of my life. Sensitive people take in more energy, more emotions, and more stimulants. This manifests as energy in the body and if it is not released on a constant basis, can create tension and pain in the body that may feel unbearable at times.

  2. Finding Balance with Lifestyle Changes & Medication I believe in living a balanced life. I respect the education of doctors and science of the human body. I believe that together the harmony and unity of the right medication with the right lifestyle changes can help you heal, feel good in your body, and release pain and tension. This balanced approach changed my life.

  3. The Choice of Sobriety Plain and simple, some people's bodies just cannot digest alcohol well. I tried resisting this fact for years, wanting to feel like I belonged indulging with all my friends in my early 20s. The truth is, it is acceptable to not drink simply because you cherish feeling good in your body after a night out more than joining the crowd and letting loose. Guess what, you can have both, you can feel loose and free without alcohol. No, I don't go to AA and I wasn't an alcoholic, just someone that wanted to feel good after a night out with friends.

  4. Diet Changes to Feel Good in Your Body My mom always says to me "people can't change their diet as easily as you can." I never used to believe this fact about me but I believe her now. I am always able to change my diet to make myself feel good. To me it was easy, but during my coaching practice I realized this is a big obstacle for people. Missing out on your favorite foods is worth not missing out on the moments of your life because your cramping, bloating, and uncomfortable and need to step away or leave the present moment.

  5. Priortizing your Sleep Everyone who knows me knows that sleep is my fuel, my energy source, and is something I look forward to. I learned that a day after a shitty sleep can ruin my energy, my mood, and my body's ability to properly function. It may seem difficult at times to prioritize it when you want to stay out at the party an extra hour later with all your friends. But if you find balance 90% of the time, you will feel happy knowing that you are honoring what your body needs to feel nourished and alive in the next 24 hours.

If any of the above interests you, email me, direct message me on instagram/facebook to find out how working with me may be exactly what you need right now to feel good in your body again!

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