Hate Routines? Easy Habits for the Person That Needs Variety

  1. Create a Pattern of Sleep & Rise Creating a sleep routine where you go to bed at the same time every night (or at least get into bed at the same time) and rise at the same time each morning, was a game changer routine for me. Trust me, I resisted it, and I am not perfect at it, but when I do this routine, I feel better, I naturally wake up without an alarm, and my body is in a beautiful rhythm. To help me create this habit, I purchased the Hatch Alarm Clock, which helps create a night-time routine and allows you to naturally rise with sunrise simulations.

  2. Create a Exercise Schedule that has varying different exercises It was SO hard for me to stick to an exercise routine, whether that was committing to a gym such as Orange Theory or a yoga class I liked, I was curious about why it was so hard for me to get to class and show up when I felt SO GOOD after these exercises. For me, variety in my exercise was the key. I tried to force my body and mind to adapt to the same exercise routine, but it didn't work. I talked to my Reiki Healer and coach about my struggle and she helped me change my perspective, I don't need to commit to the same exercise for the sake of having a routine! A routine can be that you exercise three times a week using different workouts.

  3. Write Down Your Routine I found that not only adding variety into my exercise routine helped but writing down my exercise routine was necessary for me, and putting it some where I would see everyday. This helps keep my self-commitment to the routine, and also is a way to prepare myself for it on rest days.

  4. Write Down 3 Things You want to Accomplish Each Day I am currently reading "Think Like a Monk" by Jay Shetty and it gave me a new technique that has helped me recognize my daily household contributions. My biggest insecurity is that "I don't do enough." This stems from my fibromyalgia and auto-immune disease diagnosis, where expending physical energy takes a toll on my body. I also recognized that I have a bad habit of comparing my housework tasks to my husbands. So I started recently tried out this habit and so far it has helped me with a few things: recognizing that I do accomplish tasks, helping me fine-tune my tasks to be more realistic and what I can handle, and brings me a sense of accomplishment. I take a few minutes each morning and write 1-3 things I want to accomplish for the day, give it a try!

  5. Incorporate a morning routine that brings you peace The impact of CoVoid changed my job to a completely remote office. This was a big change to my morning routine, and I realized that my morning routine before my commute was not working anymore for a work from home experience. If you had this experience as well, item #1 in this list helped me rise earlier to bring in a new morning routine that grounded me, and gave me a sense of time for myself before hopping onto my laptop. Now, I read my book for 20 minutes outside every morning while I exercise my two crazy dogs! A morning routine really brings me relaxation and time for me, I encourage everyone to try it!

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