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Elevated Connectedness is some wild shit

Oceans - Seas - Rivers - Lakes - Canals

  1. I have come to realize that being tuned into other people's energies is NOT something that everyone experiences....... When my coach (shout out to my girl Emily!) said this to me during one of our sessions, I was like . . . what?! It is bizarre that we walkthrough our whole lives thinking our experiences and perspectives are similar to other people's.

  2. The more work I do the more energetically and spiritually connected I am becoming. I have always received messages for people and I said to my Reiki Master.. "I FEEL LIKE A CRAZY PERSON." She said, "I know, but you are not, just ask for permission to share them." Now, although I still believe I am slightly crazy, I can tune into these messages and decide what to do with them. Maybe I will have one for one of you in our Reiki or coaching session?

  3. The elevated connectedness keeps going! I have been reading Gabby Bernstein's book SuperAttractor. (Guys, get this book it is amazing!) I started to do her meditations to connect to your archangels and spirit guides. Let me tell you, I was experiencing some wildddddd shit.

  4. My husband is now a believer in my gifts. Finally after 10 years of being together, he believes it! He knows my messages, intuitions, and readings are spot on! I used to share messages with him about people that never spoke with me at a party, or picked up on energetic shifts in a room.

  5. I have started to use the term "gift" or "ability" now. It still does not feel right but it feels better. It can be exhausting and a real energy drainer, but I found it can also increase my energy and make me feel alive by sharing. I hope I get to share with you guys. I hope I can help you heal, get attuned to yourself, and feel free.

Read one of my upcoming posts to find out the wild shit that happened during my Gabby Bernstein meditations!

The Watered Soul

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